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Fire, the hand of nature and craftsmanship have been highlights over the years in the manufacture of oak barrels much more so than technological innovation, which has evolved in many other activities related to the manufacture and aging of quality wines.

Enrique Echepare, founder of Tonelería Quercus in 1998, understood that without renouncing the traditional techniques, there were certain parts of the process that they could improve thanks to technology. And we still believe this. In developing innovative channels of development in the world of wine.

Innovation in every process

A history looking to the future

We are only interested in the best barrels and to achieve them we have gone back to our roots in research and development of the technology and processes that make it possible to continue making progress.

Quercus is a pioneer in the selection and classification of the wood in the forest itself; it was the first cooperage to manufacture barrels with oak from La Rioja, Navarre and other regions in northern Spain and also the first Spanish company to process 100% of the wood in its own sawmill.

In addition, we use our exclusive system of horizontal rotating toasting (TRH), that allows as many toasting profiles as the oenologist wishes, and we have a small experimental winery that allows us to evaluate the behaviour of different types of oak with different types of toasting.

Horizontal rotating toasting

Our exclusive system
Sistema rotativo horizontal

Our own exclusive system of horizontal rotating toasting (THR) using ceramic plates and controlled by computer. Thus, we manufacture barrels with complete control over the toasting temperature, creating profiles that may be reproduced an infinite number times regardless of external conditions.

Every profile of is perfectly adaptable to the tastes of each oenologist and to the needs of every wine. It is a la carte toasting, absolutely precise, that exemplifies our full commitment to innovation.

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On 22 January this year we acquired 2 lots of French oak from the Orleans area (central France).

These logs will be processed in our sawmill and will dry for 36 months. At Quercus cooperage we purchase 100% of our wood as logs and process our own staves, in both American and French oak.


During the 2016 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium held on 27 and 28 January in Sacramento (USA) we visited different distributors in the area with the aim of consolidating and increasing our sales in the country.

Within our strategic plan to 2020 sales in United States will represent more than 50% of our turnover.