TRH toasting

TRH toasting

A la carte toasting, 100% reproducible

Our exclusive system of horizontal rotating toasting guarantees the exact reproduction of toasting, creating the a la carte aromatic profiles selected by the oenologists for the toasting of their barrels.

Thus each wine takes on its own personality that, in addition, can be defined accurately order after order.

At Quercus we can produce
as many types of toasting
as our customers need
for their wines

The main advantages of TRH

As many possibilities
as there are tastes
Total accuracy for
subsequent orders
Throughout the interior
surface of the barrel
The wood is treated
with greater intensity


As many as there are tastes

Although really with the TRH there are as many types of profiles as there are tastes in the world of wine, we currently have a catalogue of more than 50 different perfectly defined and fully reproducible profiles.

Many of them start from the basic profiles that were used previously in traditional toasting, to which we have added variations to the taste of each oenologist. But traditional toasting did not allow us to fully adjust the types that the oenologists asked of us. Now it is possible, infinite times.

Some of our most replicated toasting profiles are Ribera, Bourgogne, Cote d'Or, Nature and Viura (whites).

I. Toasted


Oenology impressions:
Elegant combination of fruit with a good toasting intensity.

Strengthens the fruit and softens the tannicity of the wood.

Initially fresh with the toasting apparent to the back of the mouth.

Toasting profile: Ribero
II. Toasted


Oenology impressions:
Very complex toasting, balanced with the wine.

Diversity of aromatic contributions, vanilla, spices, cloves, liquorice with gentle notes of caramel toffee.

Fineness and notable persistence on the palate.

Toasting profile: Bourgogne
III. Toasted

Cote d'Or

Oenology impressions:
High aromatic intensity, great aromatic contribution, especially in conjunction with marked toasting profiles, hints of dried nuts.

Attenuating dairy and accentuating notes of coffee and cocoa.

Good wine-wood integration, final roundness on the palate.

Toasting profile: Cote d'Or
IV. Toasted


Oenology impressions:
Intense expression of fruit. Subtle toasting. Cool and complex aromas.

Fruit, vanilla and confectioner's custard with delicious toasted touches.

Toasting profile: Nature
V. Toasted

Viura (Whites)

Oenology impressions:
Designed for white varieties. Long toasting of moderate intensity, enables it to maintain the fruit aroma and the typical nature of the grape.

It increases its complexity with a delicate assembly with the toasting more powerful towards the back of the mouth.

Toasting profile: Viura (Whites)