From the log to the barrel

We are the first Spanish cooperage company to perform absolutely all of the wood processing at our own facilities. From selection at origin of the wood to the construction of the barrel at least two years will have passed, and we have full control over the process at all times.

Once at our facilities, the logs are sawn following their own internal growth structure. For this purpose we use a laser-guided system on both sides of the log that guarantees the uniformity of the cut for the American oak and the cracking system for the French oak.

The resulting pieces are the staves, with which the barrels are made completely by hand, after their drying period. With the parts that cannot be used for staves or bases, and with the same drying time, we produce alternatives.


The nature of wine

The staves remain outdoors for at least 18 months for American oak and 24 for French oak. During this time they are subjected to natural curing and drying, always in the open air, which is not a superficial matter.

In its natural state, oak wood would give the wine a bitter and astringent touch. The way to achieve greater ‘kindness’ from the oak is to subject it to the inclemency of the weather for a long period of time (wind, rain, low temperatures, the action of the sun).

The chemical components that cause its natural roughness are smoothed and finally give the wine greater fineness and nobility during the ageing.