Natural selection

American and French oak continue are still the most popular among our customers for the preparation of quality wines due to their contributions that are more in consonance with traditional taste.

We belong to the Forestry Organisation of France (ONF) so we often attend their timber auctions. We are also members of the Spanish Association for Forest Sustainability (PEFC), the group that supports responsible and sustainable management of all the world's forests.

We also manufacture barrels with oak from northern Spain. (Quercus Albar and Quercus pyrenaica), revaluing the Spanish oak forests that without a commercial use were destined to disappear.

Origin and characteristics

Of the oak used by Quercus
Mapa de procedencias
  • French oak

    Allier, Vosges, Troncais, Nevers.
    Special selection and fine grain.

  • American oak

    Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio.
    Selection, fine and medium-fine grain.

  • Eastern European oak

    Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia.
    Fine and medium-fine grain.