Tonelería Quercus at the Lamotte Beuvron auction

On 22 January this year we acquired 2 lots of French oak from the Orleans area (central France). Tonelería Quercus is the first company in Spain to acquire oak at origin through auction, which enables it to select and classify the wood in the forest itself, guaranteeing its traceability.

In addition, for absolute control in the manufacture of our barrels, the logs acquired in France will be wholly processed at our sawmill, where they will then be subject to a natural drying process for 36 months. At Tonelería Quercus we purchase 100% of our wood as logs and process our own staves, in both American and French oak.

Tonelería Quercus is also the first company that manufactures barrels with oak from La Rioja, Navarre and other regions of northern Spain, in addition to having created and patented its exclusive system of horizontal rotating toasting, which allows the absolute customisation of the toasting profiles.