Sacramento Fair 2016

2016 Unified Wine&Grape Symposium

Tonelería Quercus attended the latest Unified Wine & Grape Symposium held in Sacramento, United States.

During the event, our delegation visited different distributors in the area with the intention of increasing and consolidating our sales in the country. Within the strategic plan that we have designed up to 2020, it is expected that sales in United States will represent more than 50% of our turnover, with the chance they may even reach 75 % of the total.

For years we have been detecting that the market in the United States is more open to innovation, a factor we consider essential to have confidence and establish contracts with our cooperage. Our exclusive system of horizontal rotating toasting enables us to create toasting profiles practically a la carte, a situation that is well-received by our customers on the other side of the Atlantic.

In the United States market there has been very little reluctance to accept this great evolution in the toasting of barrels, and there has been no doubt regarding its advantages. If they liked the proof we show them at Tonelería Quercus, they immediately feel the need to test the effectiveness directly on their wines.