Bodega experimental

Experimental Winery

Experimental winery

The real test

With the barrels and their whole manufacturing process already concluded, we could let our customers be the first to test our final product. But in this we also wanted to go a step further.

Quercus is the only cooperage that has an experimental winery at its facilities. There we manufacture wine to verify the true characteristics of our barrels. The process ends with the ultimate objective of our work.

At our small winery, we replicated on a small scale all the processes, elements and machinery of the big wineries that surround us. There we make our own wines, in small quantities, to really know even more, if that is possible, what we do.

Thus it has a dual purpose. On one hand, correctly test our barrels and reach the true objective for which they were created. And on the other, give the oenologists the opportunity to verify the exact contributions of our barrels to their wines.