Our products

The basis for our production are the oak barrels in the traditional 225-litre format.

Once the logs have been cut following the natural growth of the wood and once the natural drying process has finished, the manufacture of the barrel begins by submerging the staves in non-chlorinated water so they can then begin to be moulded with fire according to the traditional procedure.

Once the barrels have been built traditionally, one by one, they are subjected to toasting in our TRH System, the exterior is sanded and they are based using the traditional mixture of flour and water.

When the lid is fire branded with the Tonelería Quercus logo, three years will have passed since that oak timber reached us. A whole world.



Barrel Q -

225/300/500 Litres

Bordelesa barrels are the most common and are made using French and American oak in the 225 and 300-litre versions, and in French oak in 500 litres only.

  • American white oak
    (Quercus alba)

  • French oak
    (Quercus petraea)



Barrel C -

225 Litres

Chateaux barrels respond to the archetype of the French barrel and are therefore only produced in wood of French origin in 225 litres.

  • French oak
    (Quercus petraea)